Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye, Kids Studio, Hello, Little Sunshine!

I must admit today was a little bittersweet. It was Eva's last day at The Kids Studio where she'd been going since I went back to work. The owner and director are fantastic and I really had a good experience. She's made some great friends and I am actually kind of sad that we wont get to see them as much anymore. Its been so neat watching a few of them really grow up together over the past months and I'll have to find a way to break it to Eva that she's going to have to find a new boyfriend. She had Evan (a friend of mine from college's little boy) wrapped around her finger!

But, there have a been a couple instances where I think they could have done better with the kids and I really struggled with the amount of turnover Eva experienced in the short amount of time we were there. 

So when a new preschool opened in Northwest Arkansas touting a better environment, stronger curriculum and so on I decided to check it. Boy, was I blown away. Not only is the facility top of the line, the teacher qualifications and personalities, the schedule for the kids days, and the director all impressed me enough to make the move. Monday will be her first day in a new class at Little Sunshine Playhouse and Preschool. 

As Eva has gotten older I just realized how much I want her in an environment that will truly "teach" her not just care for her. I grew very attached to a few key people at Kids Studio and have nothing bad to say. They did us right for the first few months as I transitioned back to work but I really feel like Little Sunshine will be the perfect place for both our munchkins to grow, be loved and learn from over the next few developmental years. Please pray for a smooth transition and that its all they have promised it would be.

I just had to include a picture of Eva on Day One of "school" and one as of today on her first, last day. My how she's grown in 5 months!

If anyone is interested you should definitely check out Jon and I both are very excited and will report in next week on how its going. You can even watch her day on their webcams. As soon as I get that figured out, what a great way for Jon to stay connected while he's on the road. So many great things to experience with these little ones. Its a new adventure everyday!

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Dana Daniel said...

My best friend Jamie takes her little one there. He is almost 4 though. She loves it! It will be a transition but she will get used to it and love it too. Transitioning Cooper was hard but we are SO happy with our choice.