Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Letter for My Daddy

Dear Da-Da,
Thank you for being my Daddy. Thank you for loving me more everyday and always telling me so. I love when you give me lots of kisses and hugs and how you always wake up to feed me my breakfast. I wish you were home more so I didnt have to miss you so much, but I know you're gone so that I can have everything I have ever wanted. I am so excited to have a baby brother soon and I know that you'll be the best Daddy for him like you are for me. Mom says she's so lucky to have you but I really think I am the most lucky because I am the best of both of you.

I cant wait until I can swim and run and play more with you but until then I'll just enjoy what we can do and look forward to growing up with you as my Daddy.

Happy Father's Day! (or as I call it "Happy Da-Da's Day)

All my hugs and kisses,
Eva Beth

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