Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Boy Update

I know the focus is usually on sweet Eva but wanted to give an update on our little boy. Had an appointment this morning that was quite the experience for me but confirmed a healthy and growing little man. I am at 22 weeks and have gained more weight than I would have thought. With the heat and food consumed in Louisiana I am apparently retaining more water than usual at this stage. Either Dr. Hinton knew how bummed I was and knew what I needed to hear or I really do need to lay off the salt and drink more fluids (apparently diet coke doesn't exactly count). But he's about a pound and measuring perfectly. Heartbeat was at 149 (staying right around 150 everytime) and very active. I am feeling him move and kick all the time now and cant wait to see if he's a mover and dancer like his sister!

Still no progress on the homefront though. We have a ton of furniture to move around and just havent gotten to it. Getting closer on confirming his name so stay tuned. We thought we were done but now considering other options. So tough the second time around. 

So until I get the guts to post preggo pictures or I find time to scan the Ultrasound pictures these updates will have to do!

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