Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Poor Baby

Well, we have now had our very first "sickness" where Mommy had to leave work and come get her from daycare. 

After a night of waking up at 4:30 am to a snoring little girl and then rushing to get to school and work by 8, I got a call at 11 that she'd been dealing with a really runny nose, cough and just sheer fussiness. Now, I say all this and some of you may think, hmmm, it happens, she's a baby. But Eva Beth is usually just the happiest baby. Very low maintenance so the only time you hear her fuss is if she's hungry or tired. Neither were the case today. The girls at school know her well enough to know she was not herself. 

So I finished up some things at work and went to get her. Fortunately I was able to get her in to see Dr. Robinson (Maye Maye's grandpa as he called himself) yesterday afternoon and we found out that its not RSV, not Pneumonia, but it was a pretty decent right ear infection. Bless her heart. The runny nose was only irritated by it and the coughing was a result of the drainage. So after all that, we got our first Rx of amoxicillin (please note I apparently lived on it starting at her age so pray this isn't a reoccurring thing) and went back home. After the first dose, a bottle and a nap, Eva was good as new.

She slept better last night and was her usual bubbly self this morning. Still fighting the runny nose but hoping it'll clear up soon now that we're on the antibiotic. Got the update from school that they are so happy to see her back to normal! Yay

Sweet baby before we went to the doctor was so happy to just snuggle with Mom

But this is more like my happy little angel playing and posing by 6 pm!

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