Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our First Goodbye

So there are very few friends in my life who I can say have been around me during most of the key moments of my life. Evelyn is that friend for me. She and I met the summer before College and have been the closest of friends since. From living by each other, living together, weddings, dinners, crying and laughing we were there for each other. Then we ended up having our first babies only 18 days apart. I have these images of the girls growing up together and being there for each other like Ev and I are. Awww..... Well I promise all those things will still happen but from about 5 hours apart now. Evelyn, Nick and Claire are officially moving today from NWA to Magnolia!! Yep- 15 miles from the Louisiana border. Its an amazing opportunity for them and I am so happy for their new life but breaks my heart when I think about us not being less than 20 minutes from house to house. So before the Uhaul left today, Eva and I had no choice but to go see our sweet best friends. The girls got to play for a while and we got to visit then say our first goodbye to our first friend! Never thought I'd say I cant wait to go to Magnolia, but its true. I look forward to staying as close as ever and not missing a thing even if its miles and miles away.

We love you Wades and miss you terribly already!


The Wades said...

SO much for not shedding the tears....It was so good seeing and we are going to miss you like crazy! You are soooo sweet to write something so nice! love you, miss you, and WILL see you soon!

Guess its just a day for tears...dropped Claire off at daycare this morning, a little harder than I thought it would be!

Dana Daniel said...

This is so sad and I am going through the same thing. Our best friends Mackenzie and Terry that had the twin boys just 5 weeks after we had Cooper are moving to NYC in 3 weeks. Another product of the mass Wal-Mart layoff. I pictured the same things for our children. It's tough but good friends always last forever :-)