Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mommy Daughter Date Night

Well, here we are again. Golf season has begun. Jon left today to head to Louisiana for the first tournament of his year. It'll be really strange not having him around and I think it really hit me today how much of a change it'll be. So instead of sitting at home thinking about it, Eva and I decided to get out and have a date night. We had a lovely dinner at Red Robin (mmmmm my favorite fries!) and then walked around the mall for a while. She was cracking me (and everyone else in baby Gap) up when she'd do her precious screams! She has this adorable squeal then gets giggles at herself.

Now that I have figured out the video function on my camera I thought I would post a snippet of the walk around the mall.  I promised Jon I'd post lots so he doesnt miss out on anything but also figured you all would get a good kick out of it. You can also see a little girl getting sleepy and tired of Mom having a camera in her face! Apparently :30 was all she could take.

We love you and miss you Daddy!

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