Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lovin' Louisiana

Jon and I feel so blessed that we have such amazing friends and family in our life. Today was no exception. On Eva's 5 month birthday, I got home from a long day at work to find a wonderful treat on my front door step. Our wonderful, sweet friend Ms. Lisa (she'll be Ms. Lisa to me until I am 80) sent us this awesome Baby Einstein Jumper for Miss Eva. Her dear parents went in with her as well to make it that much more special. 

The memories with this family go back literally before I was born and I get teary-eyed thinking about it now. Short version is that my grandparents were good friends with Faye and Chalmes Williams in Louisiana, their daughters Ms. Lisa and my Mom grew up together and are still best friends even when the Douglass family moved to Arkansas for Papaw's job. Later in life, they had me and Jeffrey then Lauren and Stacey all relatively at the same time and we grew up together and remain friends still. Now Jeffrey has a little boy who is a year older than Eva. Its just so perfect. We've shared pictures, sleepovers, summer vacations, weddings and now babies with this family that I completely consider them part of ours. So, I can not wait for them to all meet Eva this summer at Stacey's wedding when we'll all be together again.

Until then, we send the biggest hug and the biggest thank you to our family in the bayou! Here's a picture I took of her and a video we made. Sorry for my cheesy voice but I am the Mom of a 5 month old. What do you expect?!

We love you and will see you in a few months. 
Amanda, Jon and Eva


Finley Robinson said...

TOOOOO cute! i seriously could watch her spin that frog all day!
her smile, melts me!!!
-aunt b

Moogie P said...

What a super "jumper!" She's just adorable, Amanda. Love the hairbow!
Shay's Mom