Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bye Bye Baby Mullet!

Tuesday night we said goodbye to the baby mullet and hello to the big kid do!


Eva turned 15 months old Monday and I had been putting off the inevitable hair cut for some time. She doesnt have alot of hair so I was hesitant to cut what she does but I'd had it with the excess length only in the back! So at my appt I had Aubrey cut hers too! She wasnt too sure about it but one this was for sure Mom was thankful and she loved the spinning chair.

Too much going on so the picture is blurry but this was the "after" shot. Yay! All one length in the back so it can start growing more evenly!


She kept saying "more" when I'd stop! Eva spun and spun and ran around looking in all the mirrors (sorry no pic of that because I was too busy chasing her)!! So glad there weren't many people at the salon at 6:00 at night! We had too much fun!

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