Thursday, January 28, 2010

Social Butterfly

Eva has most recently become quite the little social butterfly. Every day I pick Eva up her teacher is always telling me stories of how she plays with the kids in her class, she pats them to sleep, and how she feeds the kid who wont eat. But mostly the stories revolve around her first little boyfriend, Xander. Its abosolutely hysterical. I drop Eva off and he comes running to greet her. She waves hi and bye to him everyday. I know they give kisses and this past week her teacher sent me proof of their first dance (see above) and what I coined their first "date" (see below).

Eva and Xander are inseparable and I think its too cute. They started in the baby room together, moved to the toddler room a few weeks apart and have the best time playing together. As Jon said, he better treat her right!!

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