Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas from The Whittakers

I cant believe Christmas has come and gone. Last year we were anticipating Eva's first "real" Christmas and low and behold she had a brother to share in this year's joy.

The official Christmas card. Sorry for the bad image but I didnt have a jpg of the whole card so I had to make the best of it. The picture is the important part anyway! :-)

This year marked so many firsts for the kids but the biggest surprise was that Santa brought us the first White Christmas in I dont know how long. It began coming down Christmas Eve night and woke up to about 2". Not as much as forecasted but enough to be beautiful.

The real fun though is with our family. Christmas Eve was on the day before so that we could all be together. Unfortunately though Jon caught the stomach bug and so I had both kids in tow, thus no pictures from that night. Here is when we all were able to get together at Jon's parents house. How fun now that all the kids can actually play together.

Even Gabby (who rarely makes a blog appearance) enjoyed getting her new toy!

We got back home Christmas Eve night in time to get in our pjs and read the "Night Before Christmas." What a special tradition we can start before they go off to bed!


Good morning Santa! He did arrive and brought presents for Eva and Kellan since they'd been good! It was so fun watching Eva dig out the goodies in her stocking and rip off the bows. My favorite memory of the morning is that of all the wonderful gifts this girl got, what was her favorite? A big pink ball and a Nemo Pez dispenser! Its the little things in life with this kid! But to me that's what Christmas is all about- the simple joys in life that we can smile about! Man, Christmas with kids is awesome already and they dont even know what's going on. I cant wait until I can actually share the Christmas story with them in hopes they truly understand its meaning... and of course, get excited about Santa's arrival.

Eva loved her snow boots. How exciting she actually needed them Christmas Day and sounds like will use them in the coming days and weeks.

Playing with her new blocks. Her favorite thing to do is build "towers" and then knock them over. I think we did that 100 times that day.

What a wonderful time we had. Even through sickness and cold, we were together as a family and that was the best gift of all.

So until next year,
Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good night!


Jessica Harriman said...

What a sweet Christmas card!

elainaann said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. And I love your Christmas card. It is precious.

Andrew says, "I'm glad the brunette Amanda is back." Ha! I had no idea that you weren't naturally a blonde.