Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Christmas Card Teaser

In an effort to save a little cash this year, we got adventuerous and decided to take the picture for our Christmas Card and order them ourselves.

A few things you should know about Whittaker Christmas cards.
1) I have never ordered mine online before. This was a first and until they come in will remain a bit nervous about the final product.
2) Over the past seven years the cards have gone from two adults, two adults + one dog, two adults + two dogs, two adults + one kid and now the dog and adults are gone. 2009 is the year we became the parents who are sending a kid only picture. If I thought for a moment we could have all 5 of us in it then I would have. Maybe in few years...
3) The actual picture is never revealed until it shows up in mailboxes.

So knowing all of that, I still couldnt stand to not post the picture-taking experience. The final shot is not here... it'll be revealed later this week but until then, enjoy the cheeseball that is my wonderful daughter and my sweet sleeping son.

.... to be continued. :-)

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elainaann said...

Love all the new pictures! You have a beautiful family. Hope you decide to share your card once you've mailed them. Would love to see it!