Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Party Improv

As a Mom I actually got pretty excited about the school "program" that Little Sunshine was putting on for the kiddos. Since the infants and toddlers couldnt really "perform" then they set up a little crafting party for the parents to come do with kids. I loved that with me on leave and Jon at home we'd both be able to join Miss Eva for her first party!

Then I got the call. The Thursday before she came home with a serious stomach bug. And as the rules go she had to be fever free and have not thrown up for a full 24 hours before coming back so I was crushed. This means she would miss the party that Friday.

The teachers were great and sent us home with a goodie bag and the craft in case she got to feeling better. Here is the lovely Santa Eva did! She become quite the little artist...notice the awesome coloring (we love crayons!)

So while she wasnt at school with her friends, by the afternoon Eva was back to her normal self, fever free and ready for fun at home. Thanks Hillary for making sure her day with us was special even if it was improvised a bit. And thanks for the awesome glasses that she quickly found in the goodie bag! We love them!

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