Sunday, February 1, 2009

Visiting Our New Cousin

Last weekend Eva and I had the joy of traveling to Alexandria, Va to meet my new neice - Katherine Anna McClellan! This made for lots of good memories - Eva's first plane ride which went flawless thanks to perfect feeding/napping planning, Aunt Lauren and Grandpa's help and the non-stop flight! She did great in the hotel and traveling all over town, being held constantly (who wouldnt do great with that) but most of all with her new cousin. Katherine "Kate" is just beautiful and has the best doting parents a baby could ask for! Eva wanted to keep her in her view at all times (as you can see below) and I just know they're going to have a world of playing, talking, shopping and sharing ahead of them. We had such a great time visiting with her, Jim and Donna and cant wait to go back soon. We love them and miss them so much! 

Aunt Amanda with baby Kate

Eva checking her out!

The Mommies and the Babies

Me and My brother with our sweet girls

Grandpa and his 5th and 6th granddaughters

Happy to be with her family!

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Tales From Alexandria said...

Aww thanks for including us in your blog! I had the BEST time with you guys! Can't wait to see you soon. Hugs to Eva!
Love, Katherine