Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eva B hangs out with Aunt B

Brooke Robinson never ceases to amaze me. For so many reasons I am enamored with this family. We have a blast with Brooke and Finley. Elle is the best "big sister" ever, I could just eat Silas up and Maye... what can we say? She and E will be lifelong friends. So the Friday before Jon went to Panama Brooke insisted that we go have dinner so the kids could hang out. Thanks to the ice storm her sweet sister, Kym was there with her family too so needless to say they had a housefull. Yet in their generous hearts, with their amazing talent, and looks like a great PA (Baby Maye), she caught some of the most beautiful pictures of Eva! I mean, maybe I am partial to this little angel, but see for yourself. Thanks Brooke and Kym. We will treasure these forever.

Love those eyes!

There is nothing better than this look. 

My happy baby! Her smile makes me smile from ear to ear!

I know Eva and Maye will be lifelong friends! We'll pull this one back out when they go off to college!

Ok does this not look like a Downy ad? Incredible!

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elainaann said...

She definitely got some some great shots of Eva, but then again Eva is so stinkin' cute I don't think it's hard to get a good shot. :)