Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just for fun

Hi everyone! I was thinking tonight that I take a crap-load of pictures of Eva on my iPhone that I thought it was pretty selfish of me not to share with you all. So this is just a random selection of Eva in all her cuteness. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. I mean, how can you not smile when you see this little angel!?

Cracking up laughing in her cousin Kate's bouncy! 
(This has become quite a trend of liking other people's things A LOT!)

She has some of the funniest faces!

We have just learned this week how to put our hands in our mouth! How cute it is seems to be taking precedent over me freaking out about touching everything (and every germ)!

Bathtime ducky!!

Making sure I am watching "Jack" too!

Check out the cheeks ad chin on this girl! Thanks Aunt Lauren for being so fun in DC!

Hanging out in the bumbo for the first time!


Katie said...

She just can't get any cuter! She's growing so fast!

DWalker said...

Thank you for sharing Amanda! She's just beautiful . . . just like her mom!