Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Month Checkup a Success

Its pretty a pretty low key week as far as Eva's week has gone. Mom's busy with work, Dad's been home and the doggies are still crazy. Thats been the story of our life for a few weeks but this one ended with our 4 month checkup. Yes, 4 months have almost gone by. 

Doctor gave us a great report. She's doing almost everything she should be - sitting up assisted, grabbing at things and according to the doctor she's actually talking way more than most her age. I shouldn't be surprised by that since we "talk" to each other all the time and well, she is my daughter. We still need to work on rolling over (Cousin Katherine needs to give us some pointers) and she's still spitting up but hey- we got clearance to start rice cereal!! So I am about to embark on the next big milestone- real foods! :-) 

As far as her stats, Eva B is still only in the 25% percentile for height at 23" (again, she is my daughter) but what is surprising, given her entry into the world, she's now 14 pounds!! That puts her in the 75% for weight. Girlfriend is eating well now!!

Shots were much harder on us both this time. Jon said he didnt know who cried more. It's just the worst feeling in the world to know you're inflicting pain on them but I kept saying its for her good. She screamed her head off and cried the biggest tears I've ever seen which then sent me into my own pity party. Fortunately we both survived and she even got a sparkly band-aid for her bravery!

So I cant complain- I have a happy, talkative, round little angel and I am so thankful she's healthy and beautiful and in our lives!


Carol said...

Ammie and Ampa sure miss you all. Can hardly wait to see how much she has grown. I remember how upsetting seeing your child getting shots. And poor Jon got more than his share. See you all soon. Much love. xxxooo

Lindsey said...

about the cleanup....we didn't call them. they just came by. they said they will be coming by two more times in the next 30 days. We had sooooo many limbs. It was out of control. i thought it was killing the grass too, but it wasn't. hopefully they will be by your house soon! Ava is precious, as always!