Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Latest Discovery

Thanks to our friends at Baby Einstein, we have a new favorite activity - our Discovery Mat! The swing is fun and trust me, a lifesaver, but the most fun is now had on our new mat! Gerritt mentioned that she'd be able to enjoy it now so Saturday morning before they left, we broke it out and to my delight, and Eva's, it was a hit! She just lays there during her awake time and grins and loves the blinking sunshine. She tries to reach for the toys and of course gazes at her beauty in the little mirror. Its so much fun to watch and so glad she loves it. Every new Mom needs one of these so Donna, add it to your "must have list" because this is near the top of mine now!

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Tales From Alexandria said...

Funny..Friends of ours just sent her one as a gift off our our registry! I was worried we wouldn't be able to use it until she is much older, glad I have seen this. Eva is such a good tester...hehehe.