Sunday, November 2, 2008

More Visitors

What a great 1 week birthday present! Aunt G, Cousin Abby and Gerritt's parents (who we have decided are honorary aunt and uncle for sure) came up to spend some time with us. It was so special to see how much Abby loves baby Eva. She wanted to hold her and kiss her and play with her. She especially liked playing in her room! We had a great time at Jason's Deli, hanging at the house, the wonderful meal Carol made for us and then getting in some snuggle time Sunday morning before they had to head back. We are so blessed that Eva is so loved by her family and cant wait until the next time they're together! There will be lots of great memories with Eva and all her cousins. What a great weekend!

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Tales From Alexandria said...

Aww love the pictures! The pumpkin outfit was just as you had described! We can not wait to meet her and for her to meet Gigi!