Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Eva is One Month Old

I cant believe Eva Beth is one month old today. I feel like she's been in our life forever. At the same time, the past month has flown by! So much has happened and she's grown so much. We really feel so blessed to have such a good baby and thank the Lord everyday for her.

Here is just a quick snapshot of her progress. 
  • We now have a favorite toy, Eva discovered her swing and now enjoys it more than the bouncy seat which means Mom and Dad are enjoying it as well. 
  • As of Sunday she had officially grown out of her preemie clothes and preemie diapers! We've graduated to newborn (yes, the 0-3 m stuff is still too big). She weighed in Saturday at a whopping 6 lbs 13 oz. We are so proud she's healthy and gaining weight. 
  • We have a little bit of a gassy tummy that we're working through but otherwise she's really a perfect angel. Ok so she's a perfect angel even with the gas. 
  • Eva sleeps 4 hours at a time at night and spends more time awake with us during the day. 
  • She still loves car rides and still doesn't care much for bath time but she definitely is still 90% her daddy! 
  • I think she has Momma's mouth but thats about it. I guess I am ok with that ;-) At least we now know Jon makes a pretty girl!

Of course I have to add some pictures I snapped Sunday of our little angel. She makes the cutest faces and makes it so fun to take pictures! Now I cant wait to see how the "real" ones that Reagan and Brooke took turn out! 

Watching TV on the couch with Mom & Dad on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Ok this is Eva's "blue steel" face- I love how she always has her hands by her face but this was perfect of her posing

You know I have to post her funny faces too

And here is our precious angel napping after her impromptu Christmas photo shoot 
(I should also note I took this picture from my lap because I had Jon asleep on the couch while Eva slept in my lap and Molly & Gabby were asleep on the floor. I didnt move for 2 hours afraid to wake anyone up. I got to just look at my family and enjoy my 4 most perfect and good blessings)

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