Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy Happenings

This week seemd to fly by. Other than sleeping when she sleeps, trying to get out and about some, Ammie left to go back home Thursday which left Jon and I on our own for two days plus an indefinite number of hours of just staring at our darling angel...Here are some of the events of the week. 

Ok so I am pretty obsessed with watching Eva sleep. She's so cute with her little hands up by her face.

Heather came over Monday night to see Eva and bring us yummy chicken and dumplings! We love her and cant wait to see her again soon!

Our dear friends (Sallie's parents) Rich & Renee came by to love on our sweetie! We are so glad they were able to come and visit. Lots of fun times with the girls to look forward to.

Christy was a natural with baby Eva! We enjoyed our Chick-fil-a from Christy, Steve and Vilay from my office. I do miss them a bunch!

Told you I take pictures of her funny sleep positions! This one is just like me with one arm over her head. The funny thing is that in all her ultrasounds she was doing the same thing.

You cant see it but Jon had just given me a sweet ring for Eva's birth. Because she came early it wasnt ready until today. Well worth the wait! I am so blessed!

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Rich and Renee said...

Oh, how beautiful she is. I am so glad I got to love on her. What a sweet blessing. So great to see you three.