Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sunny with a chance of more sun and fun! Memorial Day: May 31, 2010

One of the best parts of my new job are the friends I have made. One in particular has an awesome house on Beaver Lake in Rogers and had us and a couple other couples over for some great BBQ and fun on her boat. We enjoyed the time with our new friends and seeing how much the kids enjoyed the day.

First ride was everyone so we suited up and headed out. They looked so cute in their life jackets but the best part (that I unfortunately don't have pictures of but Ginger is supposed to send me) is that within five minutes of the boat ride, both kids were out. I mean gone. Eva was holding onto Jon smiling and saying "Whoa" when in mid sentence she's asleep on his lap. Kellan was with me and I guess with the motion, wind and sun, he slept the whole hour!!

We had all kind of fruits and veggie on board for snacks but all Eva wanted was Watermelon. I swear she must have eaten half the melon by the time we left!!

We actually had one of the neighbor girls watch Kellan for a couple hours so we could go back out and he could eat and have his nap so we got some good Eva time. She and I had fun lounging in the water and catching some sun. As usual I did great about sunscreen for the kids... Jon and I not so much! For me though, red was better than white!! Eva learned how to kick in the water and had fun splashing around. I cant wait to get her into swim lessons and to a pool soon so she can really start to enjoy the water more this season.

While there were times Jon and I both said we were sad we weren't in Little Rock as usual we certainly enjoyed the fun family weekend. Great weather, lots of activities and time with friends = a great start to the summer. Thanks Ginger for being a great hostess and cant wait for more fun times together!!

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