Sunday, November 22, 2009

Beautiful Chaos

As one of my favorite country singers, Gary Allan would say "Life aint always beautiful, but its a beautiful ride."

Ha!! Two babies are definitely twice the love, twice the diapers, twice the snuggles and now twice the screams!

I thought I'd take a minute and make sure everyone in blog land wasnt mislead in thinking this new adventure was all roses. I am coining it the "beautiful chaos" phase of our life. Everyone warned us the first year of having two kids one year apart would be the hardest and so far I can understand why. We love both our kids immensely but there are days like the past 72 hours when you want to walk outside and not come back! Yes, I said it. But clearly I don't. Managing two different schedules, one kid that is adjusting to life with competition, one kid on a feeding frenzy that I can only chalk up to a growth spurt, one kid in the midst of teething all while the other cant seem to be happy unless you're walking around holding him. Its all worth it but really?! Lately, I find myself in the middle of days where I smell like milk, cheese, and spit up, still in my pajamas without a shower or lunch. Then other days are absolutely great. Eva will sleep all night and wake up smiling like an angel ready to give kisses and take on the toddler world. Kellan will eat in normal 3 hr increments and sleep 4 hour stints at night which means I get to get ready and be a normal human.

So here's to more of those days to come. I don't wish all these memories away for anything but I pray, "Lord can you please add a little sanity and caffeine to my already overflowing cup."

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