Monday, November 2, 2009

Big Sister Meets Baby Brother

We had another great experience at Willow Creek! They really know how to take care of their Momma's. So after two days of stay we were ready to head home Friday morning. We got all loaded up and got home in time to get settled before going to get Eva from school.

Some of you may know, I was so excited about Eva being a big sister but it came with some anxiety. Eva's been my little girl, my world for a year now... I worried how she'd react to him when she realized she wasnt the only one anymore... I was hoping she wouldnt be "mad" at us even though the pediatrician said it was natural....

But all my fears were gone when she came home from school to finally meet Baby Kellan (who for months she'd only known him in my belly. I greeted her by myself and then let her come to him herself. She was glowing excited and so ready to get to him. She wanted to give him "pat pats" and when I said "Eva give Kellan love" she totally went to him and gave him kisses. Of course I burst into tears. As a Mom there was nothing more beautiful than witnessing my two kids love each other. I just pictured the start of years full of memories and fun they're going to have together!

So the last couple of days required a little more attention to Eva than we had hoped but she's really adjusting well. She loves him and we're definitely teaching her "gentle" but I think she knows he's here to stay so as long as we dont "forget" about her, I think all is going to be ok. I feel so blessed to have these two kids- gorgeous and healthy!! A mom cant ask for much more.


Allison Nelson said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to meet Kellan. He is precious.
I have a stroller question for you, but I will email you or facebook you!

The Wades said...

I love the first pic of Eva meeting Kellan! You can tell she is grinning ear to ear!!!

Jessica Harriman said...

Amanda- I have been keeping up with you through your blog. You have a beautiful family and look so happy. Congratulations!