Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our Favorite Times

Spending our long 4th of July weekend in Little Rock is something we look forward to every year but it just keeps getting more fun every year. Jon and I would always watch the fireworks at Pleasant Valley from the time we started dated and continue each year. In 2006 Abby was born on the 4th and made that time so special and now we get to celebrate with all our favorite family because of it. This year we celebrate her third birthday with pool fun, family time, time at PV and of course a night of fireworks that Abby appropriately calls "her fireworks!"

Leaving on Sunday was so difficult but I know one day we'll get time together like this all the time. Until then we'll take what we can get and be thankful for technology and the 180 mile drive that connects us.

Eva playing at the golf course. Abby wanted to feed the ducks so Jon and Ron took the girls on a golf cart to feed them. Didnt get any pics of that but thought this one was super sweet!

Let the party begin....

Waiting on the fireworks at Pleasant Valley CC....

Happy Fourth of July, 2009, everyone!

Jon, Amanda & Eva (and baby w)

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