Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Good Case of the Mondays

I cant seem to explain to anyone how much I look forward to picking up Eva from school everyday, but Monday was especially exciting. For some reason after long weekends together I have a harder time leaving her so by the time 5:30 rolls around I am dying to get to her. So of course I was so happy to see her smiling face at school and get her home to play! She's just so fun right now and have a blast watching her explore new toys, try new things, and finally seeing the first tooth start to cut through. Here is a picture of the beautiful girl I get to spend my nights with!

And even better than the fun I have picking her up and playing, after a bath and a bottle, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch until she falls asleep. Last night was amazing because just as she was snuggling up to me, I could feel baby boy kicking and moving around as if telling me not to forget about him too. I am really not that Mom who "loves" being pregnant but he's made this go round so easy on me that I am actually getting to enjoy it a little more. So I find myself excited about the days when they're both curled up with us like this but for the next few months I am soak up every minute with Eva being my only baby (in my arms that is!) 

Before we know it our life will be chasing around a toddler and caring for a newborn so in these sweet quiet moments, I find myself thanking God for every stroke on her arm and face, every breath and every smile I get to experience with these little angels.

I am one very lucky Mommy! (and yes, Jon is one very lucky Daddy too)

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Rich and Renee said...

Look how sweet! I love it....you made me tear up, once again. :-)