Sunday, July 26, 2009

First it was just us two...

Jon has been talking about taking a weekend trip just me and him for month now. Well finally we did it. No kids, just us on a long weekend to St. Louis. I was very reluctant at first but we compromised by only being gone two nights and two of them E was in school so I would still have a full day with her. 

It proved to be such a great weekend. Eva stayed in her normal routine thanks to the help of Heather and we were off to the Gateway City. We enjoyed great food, stayed with great new friends, did a little shopping and poolside relaxing but truly we just enjoyed our time talking and being the two of us. 

Soon, very soon, that two will double to four and I am so thankful we took this time out. We missed our Eva so much and was dying to get back but loved knowing she was in great hands the whole time. The pictures below are ones that Heather sent us while we were gone so we could see how happy and cute she remained!

Heather picking up E from school!

We do love Puffs and Heather figured out quickly they're the only way to enjoy dinner out!

Quite the morning ray of sunshine- even at 6:30 am!

Playing with my toys waiting on Mom and Dad to get home!

I highly recommend to any parents either before their first, second or any subsequent child to take a few days to themselves. As hard as it was to be away it was great for all of us and we feel ready to enjoy the next three months with Eva awaiting little man's arrival!

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