Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Found Fun

Being a Mom brings you so much joy that its unreal sometimes. Eva is at the point where's doing something new everyday it seems like. She's growing and changing and has just the sweetest little spirit. Its fun starting to see her personality coming out.

We are still very enamored with the Play Mat but we have now discovered the Noggin channel. I knew it was a hit with my niece and nephews but of course really never sat down to watch it until yesterday. We're in love and probably more than I'd like but she was bound to discover the TV sooner or later. And from what I have seen so far the shows are super cute but what I love is the reaction I got when I turned it on. This morning was got up at 8:30 - yes she slept 9 hours again (hallelujah) - and watched Jack's Big Music Show that I had DVR'd. What a cute program and she loves it to say the least. So much that she laughed for the first time this morning. YAY!!! It was the cutest, most wonderful and loud laugh! I wish I had video on my phone but here are a couple pictures of what I saw from my side of the couch! Thanks Jack for such a great memory!

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Caroline said...

She looks so happy! I love the 2nd picture!