Friday, January 2, 2009

Gingerbread House Extravaganza!

One of our most favorite times of the year is when the Elleman's Gingerbread House party comes around! This year was no exception. While the Whittakers didnt make anywhere near the showing "we" (I say "we" because it was just me) had last year. I mean, you can repeat a win! And especially not this year. Everyone went all out. Below is the proof!

Catherine & Jim's House of Mouse

Aaron & Allyn made a Santa stuck in the chimney

Mike & Mel's Loveboat
(the sails were made out of a very "special" material)

John & Allison's Snoopy House 
(they are the ONLY reason we were dead last- it unfortunately collapsed before the judging)

Keri & Bart's treehouse/deerstand :-)

Brooke & Finley created a ski slope (with a lift!)

Reagan & Rowland's ski slope (with a lodge)

Jon & Eva hung out while I constructed our doghouse. No I didnt post a picture because it was just an embarrassing showing! Was it a doghouse? Was it an aztec pueblo? Did it place? No, so it's stays a mystery!

Eva and I hanging out during the presentations/judging

Sweet baby was so good all night! So glad she was finally here for the festivities!

Our awesome hostess, Allyn! Thanks for the great party!

Mike & Mel Thompson cute as ever!

And the winner is.... Cory & Amanda's awesome log cabin! Check out the detail... gum shingles and all. Guess its a little unfair...afterall, he is the home builder in the group!

All the girls before the big group picture 
(which I unfortunately dont have yet- will post once Brooke sends it since its always our favorite)

For some reason the guys said act like crazy cats... not sure but this is apparently what you get when you ask for something so silly! I love these girls though and feel so blessed they're all in my life!

So its my pledge that next year we'll be back on our game for a house that I feel confident will place! I think I need to start brainstorming now. The best ideas come when I am not distracted by an 8 week old so here's to 2009!! Thanks Ellemans for inviting us and keeping such an awesome tradition going!

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elainaann said...

I'm so disappointed that you didn't show your creation! I'm very curious now. Looks like you had fun though!