Friday, January 2, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action

Ever since Jon and I have lived up here in Northwest Arkansas we have always loved going down to the Fayetteville square to walk around in the lights. They do such a great job decorating the buildings that it makes for a fun date night. Now that we have Eva, we wanted to continue the tradition with her. We ate dinner at Tiny Tims Pizza and no lie, the temp dropped like 20 degrees while we were inside so we were all freezing by the time we started walking. The more we walked around trying to find a good picture spot, the colder it got. Finally we stopped, got a picture of her with each of us and called it a night. Next time I will be more prepared and cant wait until she's old enough to enjoy the carriage rides, live reindeer and pony rides! Christmas is so much fun with a little one!!

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