Friday, November 26, 2010

My Little Lady

I am constantly reminded of how my little girl is growing into such a little lady. She is my joy and my heart and just had to show off some of her 'big girl' pictures.

Eva ready to go shopping.... what you dont see here is 2 seconds later she went and grabbed my little coach wallet that has a strap, put it on her wrist and said 'lets rock n roll'!

She's been really into 'mommy's helper' as well. So the other night we busted out some Nestle Tollhouse cookies and went to town!

Dancing on our ottoman is her fav. This has become her stage but this day she insisted on having her red shoes (which she wore when she was Dorothy for Halloween) and her purse that has a little stuffed puppy. What more could a girl want??!!

And this one warms my heart. Her first big girl nightgown. We let her pick out whatever she wanted for being so good at Target and a Minnie Mouse nightgown was the choice. For any of you who know my aversion to licensed clothing you'll know this is huge for me. But how can you resist this girl. 

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