Friday, November 26, 2010

First time for everything.....

And our first ER trip happened on 11/8/10. Eva came home from school and was fine but just fussy.... typical two year old one would think. After our dinner/bathtime routine, Jon was putting on her PJ's and called me into the living room. Not just a 'hey can you come in here' call but a 'something is wrong, hurry' call. Thats when we both noticed two orange 'somethings' in Eva's nose. I tried the hospital booger sucker (you all know what I am talking about) and to no avail, i threw a jacket on E, shoes on me and off we went. I called the pediatricians office who agreed going to the ER was the right course of action. I must say, I am impressed with how calm I was through it all. Jon stayed back and put Kellan down to bed but he was a mess texting me for updates the whole time :-) Too sweet.

Once we got to Washington regional the real fun began. Eva was quite the hit with the nurses.... being super good and so much fun. Other than what felt like the longest wait of my life, all went well. After a small vacuum was the tool of choice to remove the objects we were able to quickly confirm that two small berries off a wreath at school were the culprits.

We headed home and both crashed at 11pm. the next morning at school was funny as I got to describe the event to all the teachers at her preschool. Thankfully they promptly removed all wreaths and decor that had said berries and Eva had a great day.... and Mom and dad have a funny story to tell.

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