Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Proud Daddy on One Special Week

There is one week a year when I swear the world stops spinning for Jon. This is of course The Masters week. Second only to Christmas week, The Masters is Jon's special golf time. What we did before DVR's and iPhone apps is beyond me but this year was made even more special by the addition of another gallery member. Jon was so excited to put Eva in the Masters onesie Abby passed down and her little capris. He even found a green bow for her to wear and she ended up one cute little golf fan! Even her teachers thought she was the cutest one today. Nine years ago I learned the importance of this week and its probably best Eva B learn young and just sit back, watch the golf, follow Jon's pool and listen to the music. I have to admit its actually pretty fun once you do that!

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The Wades said...

SOooo funny...Pop Pop Kenny has Claire's Masters onesie waiting in LR!...and I was thinking to myself who orders onesie's from the Masters???? These girls are going to be more alike than they know:)