Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egghunts, Easter Baskets and Family, Oh My!

This Easter weekend was jammed packed with fun in Little Rock. Eva attended her first egg hunt at St. James, the church where I grew up. She got to spend some time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Easter morning was super fun at church then at JJ and Pa's and topped it off with her first basket before Jon left town! All in all a fantastic weekend for Miss E and we cant wait to get back down there and see everyone. Below are some of the highlights of the weekend!

Checkin out all the kiddos and eggs on the lawn- not quite sure what to think yet

Gerritt and I desperately tried to get the girls to take a good pic but Abby wasnt wanting to smile and Eva was more interested in playing with the grass so this was our best effort.

Me and Eva huntin eggs!

Hanging out watching Wonder Pets at Grandpas!
(Check out how well she's sitting up now!!)

Whittaker Family Photo

Daddy and Eva time after church

Daddy loves giving Eva kisses

Check out how yummy my new teething toy is.... thanks JJ and Pa for my Easter toy!

Jon thought she would like the cold glass... boy did she!

I love my Aunt Jill!

All 4 grandkids at JJ and Pa's
Davis (4), Eva (5 months), Abby (2), Blake (6)

Eva sportin' her bunny bib from Abby!

Eva favorite place to take a nap!

First Easter basket full of PJ's, books and bath toys- so fun!!

And like everything else right now, the turtle toy goes straight in her mouth!

Jon getting in some kisses before he left for three weeks :-(

Eva with Grandpa- they're big buds!!

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