Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prepared Childbirth Graduation

After 4 Thursday nights from 6-9, two coaches, 3 videos and lots of breathing, we have officially graduated from Prepared Childbirth Class. Our hospital- Willow Creek Women's Hospital- hosts these classes that really do go through everything to prepare you for this little one. The first 3 weeks focused on pregnancy and labor and then the 4th was more on once you bring the baby home. My coach, Allyn, was there through for the first 2 and loved it more than I did, I think. We are now pros at breathing techniques, which I actually hope I dont need thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. We watched the wonderful labor video which was interesting. Why do they always pick women who are super dramatic and have a million stretch marks to be our examples??

We've really enjoyed these classes and have had a good time. Rich and Renee Morris were in our class for 2 of them until Miss Sallie arrived (guess she passed automatically). An old friend Bryan Smith and his wife are due 10 days before us and were in our group. Plus, between Allyn and I we always had snacks and we pretty much always late. I have yet to be able to do the breathing exercises with a straight face and without cracking up. Then tonight Jon decided to make swaddling a race and brags he can swaddle faster than me. Seriously, does it matter?

All in all, I would highly recommend these classes. Especially for someone like me who wants to be prepared for anything and everything. I was pretty scared of the actual labor but am somewhat calmed now. Still anxious because there is no way to know how it'll go but I at least I have done all I can do and have people around me who heard the same thing. 

Now I have a separate infant CPR class and breastfeeding class to attend and i'll be ready to get the show on the road :-) Ha! If only thats all it took.

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