Monday, May 18, 2009

Rub a Dub

You'd never know it by the look on this angel's face that as a newborn, she hated bathtime. Jon and I would bathe her as fast as possible, dry her off and get lotion, a diaper and pjs on her very quickly. She'd scream the whole time and then it was over. Nowadays are much different. She LOVES, I mean loves bathtime. Splashing, toys, the water, even the cup I use to rinse her off is fun which makes it one of the highlights of my night. Now that she can sit up on her own we've started using the duck bath tub and its just so much better. She can keep all her toys within reach, splash and sit up like a big girl. What fun time for us at night and had to have this picture on her for you all to see as well. Happy Bathtime everyone!

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