Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Couldnt Stand It

Warning!! Please excuse the excessive nudity ;-) My child is going to resent these one day but thats why I am the Mom now!

Tonight, I couldn't resist getting pictures of this perfect little hinnie! A friend of ours suggested to let Eva go without a diaper a little bit a day (to help prevent/cure diaper rash) so when we got home today I decided playtime could be naked time! Let me just tell you, she loves it and thinks its hysterical when I tickle her and grab her hinnie anytime but especially when its not on the changing table. So while we were playing I snapped a couple pictures. Totally make me love her more everyday! Yes, a cute tushy has that effect one me. Wouldnt you agree?!?!


The Wades said...

Already changed the name of the blog...I am impressed!! So wish the girls could play together, they would have so much fun!:) Miss you:)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

What a great blog...so glad to find you.

I am a new blogger and have lots to learn...Stop by and see me...I have 10 giveaways this month.....lots of Disney posts and a very special prayer request.