Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Sallie is here

Of all my friends who are pregnant, Rich & Renee had the first due date. So now the fun has officially begun!

I was so blessed to be at the hospital (Willow Creek) when Sallie Grace Morris entered this world. Mom Renee did amazing. She was in great spirits and relaxed so much so that she really set the bar high. Labor went great at so at 2:49 pm on Sunday, August 24, 2008, one of Eva's first of many friends came into the world. At 7lbs 10 oz she was beautiful and calm and just the most precious baby. When I held Sallie, Eva even kicked like crazy! I love that they are already playing together. Of course I cried the moment I got there, when we first heard Sallie crying and when I walked in the room and saw Rich & Renee oohing and awing over this little angel. Renee's Mom, Dad and brother were there too and really made the day special. Friends were beginning to come and go to celebrate the day I left and let them have their time. I swear though, I could have stayed all day and stared at this little life. So needless to say, I am already anxiously awaiting when I get to go see them again.

I am really looking forward to all these babies growing up together and us proud Momma's watching the little girls turn into beautiful, wonderful little ladies!

Bekah Phelen, Momma Morris and me when she was at a ten. It was go time!

The happy Morris family... all 3 of them!

Baby Sallie and her Aunt Amanda

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amyj said...

Hi Amanda! I surfed into your blog from Renee's. Love it! You'll be at a 10 before you know it. :)
Take care!!
Amy James